Rapid political, economic, social and environmental changes in recent years and decades are a challenge for many countries around the world.

Climate change, resource scarcity of water and energy, as well as integration into the global economy, put pressure on economic systems in our century. Many people have no or no adequate access to basic goods and services such as water, food, healthcare, energy, and education.

The ecosystems are burdened by considerable environmental pollution.



Our primary service array is a carefully and holistic analysis and consultancy for our customers.

Project Development

Sustainable economic development brings ecological, economic, social and cultural development objectives in line with each other, thereby creating the basis for socially and ecologically sustainable growth, which has an impact in the region and leads to more employment and better living quality.

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Our sustainability team of high qualified engineers manages the process from the initial customer contact through the creation of ideas to project handling and delivery and take care for implementation of a saftersales service through intensive qualification measurements for a sustainable impact in the region.

We are working for governmental organizations, economic development organizations, municipalities, and companies.